The Results Are In

This song got released the beginning of June, please support. Purchase, stream and/or share. Spotify Apple Music and Tidal. We are just getting started. #maxkings #kenishahagan #songwriters #music #aaronmoses #streams #2k #musicmatters



I finally registered my profile for my daycare, I don't know what took me so long, I guess life got in the way. Anyway I'm registered in the Sunny state of Arizona. I've been caring for children since I was 12, why not do this naturally. I was thinking weekends or pm to am. Whatever [...]


Hello everyone, I started a campaign with tee shirts to FUNd my clothing store, if everything goes smoothly it will be a few steps closer to opening in the Fall. Support, support and support thank you so much for your time and help to everyone that gets involved. Screen shot if you purchase and I [...]