First Book Update

It's been over 5 years since I set out to write my first book, which was a childrens book and since then I've written 3 more books and so much more in between. Welp, this was just updating you on my books, my goal is to get the other two done and have a rough … Continue reading First Book Update


New podcast journey

So, since I'm never able to get to an open mic show, I posted in one of my first podcast segment spoken word for 4 weeks as a test trial. If you want to check it out here's the link. /Listen to my segment "Poetry Night " on Anchor: Give me feedback everyones option … Continue reading New podcast journey


FADE IN: INT. HOME- DAY WHY ME? writing on the pad of paper. Turns page writes, WHY? Turns page ME!!! Why don’t I LOVE ME? FUCK, why me. Kenisha gets up and checks herself in mirror, checks eyes,messes with hair. Begins to brush her teeth. Checks face again. Finishes brushing her teeth while staring in … Continue reading Reflection